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You may have noticed, since a few days ads are visible on the site. Unfortunately, I have to do this to try to finance the servers and keep the site alive. If you want the site to stay online, consider turning off your ad blocker. You can also help by using the support links present in the footer.

I wish you a happy new year 2019 :)


[ MAPS ]

[ MISC ]

  • Ads
    • Ads added on Stuff page.

[ MAPS ]

[ MISC ]

  • Mobile Application
    • The splashscreen is now at the right size.

[ MAP ]

  • Filters
    • Slight modification of the color of inactive filters.
  • Overview
    • The overview now resize to 880*880px under 1024px.
    • The overview now resize to 768*768px under 880px.


  • Menu
    • The layers are now more friendly for the eyes.
  • Paypal
    • Fixed a bug that returns to a 404 page after a donation.
    • If you made a donation and experienced that bug, please contact me.
  • About

SoThatWeMayBeFree V2 is finally online!

I hope that the new version will allow you to use the site more efficiently during your games.

Also, now that the site is up to date, I will finally be able to add new stuffs!

If you encounter a problem, do not hesitate to contact me so that I can correct it as soon as possible (The links are in the footer).

I repeat it often but it is important for the site to continue to live: SoThatWeMayBeFree is a free website, so he needs you to survive. To help me, share it with as many people as possible and, if you can, help fund the server.



Click below to see the patchnote.

[ MAP ]

  • Filters
    • Path filter added. Allow you to Show / Hide Stuff's tails (Shortcut : P).
    • Utility filter added. Allow you to hide the less useful stuffs (Shortcut : U).
    • Callouts filter is now hidden if there is no callouts on the current map.
    • [Mobile] Filters are visible via the icon show on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Stuff Picker (Tooltip)
    • Stuff are now re-ordered by Utility (and also an hidden / subjective filter : Difficulty), so the more usefull the easier to pick.
    • Utility is now visible on tooltip.
    • If necessary, Tickrate is now visible on tooltip.
  • Overview (Early beta)
    • Overview's size is now 1024x1024 (Was 880x880).
    • Upgraded precision.
    • Watermark added.
    • There is still a lot to improve, it will be done over time.
  • Misc
    • The Smoke icon is now more rounded to be more representative.
    • Icon's size are now proportional to the scale of the map to correctly represent the area of ​​effect in-game.
    • Tails now provide Bounces information (Red squares).
    • Tails now provide 'Run and Throw' information (Continuous line).


  • General
    • Responsive images are now delivered for Mobile / Tablet users.
    • Mobile: New interface.
  • More informations
    • Timing
    • Bounces
    • Tickrate
    • Sid
    • Utilit
  • Reports
    • Reasons listing have been updated.
    • Reasons related to tickrate are now shown only if necessary.
  • Notifications
    • Deprecated stuffs now stay visible via the direct link, but one message clearly says that the stuff doesn't work anymore.
    • Favorite, Share, Getpos : A notification appear to show if everything goes right (or wrong...).


  • Settings
    • Settings have been reset.
    • Filter Utility added to the list.
    • Filter Path added to the list.
  • Public profil
    • The old version was not convincing, so this page will stay empty for the moment. If you have any ideas to improve, please send me an email!

[ MISC ]

  • Mobile Application
    • The website can now be installed like an application on mobile.
  • Others
    • Fixed issue where HTML was interpreted in nicknames (Thanks Cameron)
    • A1 and A2 on de_train were inverted. (Thanks ssclown)
    • You can now close Shortcut's popin with your mouse
    • Getpos commands added on de_santorini & de_season