Frequently Asked Questions

There are too many stuffs, I don't know where to start

The Utility filter is made for you! The higher it is, the more visible stuffs are important. So you will have a reduced list of stuffs to use and / or learn.

The basic settings of the application do not match me (I play 128 ticks, I don't want to see the callouts, ...)

Once connected, you will be able to change the default settings of the application on the settings page.

The callouts are hidden by the stuff, what can I do?

Just leave the spacebar pressed to display only the callouts.

A callout does not match the one I use, is it possible to change?

Sorry, the callouts used are the most common and I can unfortunately only display one per zone.

Why the lines of the grenades are not straight?

The stuff information comes directly from a game server, thanks to a SourceMod plugin I created. They follow perfectly the in-game path.

You can also see a small red square with each change of direction, this indicates that a rebound has occurred.

Can I suggest new stuffs?

A dedicated page is made for that: Submit Stuff.

How can I report a stuff?

When you are on the stuff in question, click on the flag icon on the right side of the screen. Fill the form and i'll test the stuff again.

Can I propose a new map?

I do not guarantee that it will be added, but feel free to suggest. Depending on the popularity of the map, and if there is enough information about it, I could add :)

Where do these overviews come from?

These overviews are generated by a tool that I created to have a precise radar, so that the informations are positioned correctly on the overview.

Is it possible to use these overviews in game as a radar?

The tool is designed for, and I am currently tweaking the rendering in-game.

You will be kept informed when I propose the ingame radars :)

Is it possible to have a mobile application?

The site is what is called a Progressive Web App, ie you can install it as a mobile application on your smartphone. Just go to the website on mobile with Chrome and click on the button at the bottom of the page.

Currently, you must be connected to the internet to use the App version, but I'm working on it to allow you to access your favorite stuffs in offline mode.

What is the difference between a server 64 and 128 ticks?

The tickrate is the number of times per second that the server will re-calculate the information (player positions, bullet trajectories, grenades, etc...). The higher it is, the more fluid and precise the game will be.

Why does the tickrate affect certain grenades?

The tickrate only affects the "Jump / Throw" grenades for the simple reason that the calculation of the trajectory is not done exactly at the same position in 64 and 128 ticks.

Will the video format be added to the site?

No, the video format provides nothing more than screenshots and is much less convenient to use during a game. Plus, it's a lot of work.

I have an idea, can I tell you about it?

Of course, you can contact me on Steam or via this form, I will answer you as soon as possible!